With songs like ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Booty’ hitting the airwaves, the average listener can stop and ask themselves this simple question… “What the actual twerk is going on?”

Scantily clad women distastefully shaking their buttocks on the screen seem to be the ‘go to’ formula for generating views/purchases on Youtube and Itunes. What could possibly go wrong? You would think that a multibillion-dollar industry would be creative enough not to revert to sexualizing their artists. Well think again, it seems that this ‘twerking’ pandemic is affecting the lives of the next generation of empowered women in the western world more than people expected.

The even more worrying aspect is that these videos are not censored or considered a cause of worry for parents. Put yourself in the situation of an insecure 12 year old girl who is attracted to a boy, without any form of guidance from a strong female figure. Where may this girl find inspiration or guidance? Likewise, swap gender roles- if you were a 12-year-old boy who was trying to find motivation to ask out a girl that he liked? Both instances toxic music videos like ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Booty’ will alter the way our young people think.

Is respect for the female body truly dead? Or is it self-respect for one’s own body that is lacking from our current generation?

Commenting now on the lyrics, it seems that Iggy Azalea’s song ‘Booty’ really hits hard emotionally- lyrics such as ‘Big, big booty, what you got a big booty’ really hits home to the family audience. It suggests a deeper meaning to the average bottom; it creates wonder and really highlights how someone would feel about having a large bottom. However on a more serious note, this is the least of the troubling messages‘It’s his birthday, give him what he asks for.’ Understanding that women in relationships should ‘give them what they ask for.’ not only suggests a submissive nature but also the removal of the right to say no, does it even compute to these artists how young women interoperate these lyrics or the implications it has on their social lives? Not exactly the words of encouragement to advocate the development of ‘strong’, ‘empowered’ women is it?

Now, moving on to the masterpiece that is ‘Anaconda’, it would be nice to point out that metaphorically speaking ‘Anaconda’ is not a snake; it is simply a deep and emotional representation of the male genitalia. Phrases such as ‘My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun’ really displays a deeper meaning to sexual intercourse than what the media already projects. Looking now at the situation through a thoughtful perspective, what would a young girl understand about this lyric? The fact that boys will only be attracted to her if she has a large buttock? It goes without saying that the various drug references and the references to multiple drive by shootings only contribute to the negative image that is being presented as a whole. You see, what is so taboo in the media and is restricted by parents is subtly snaking its way into the songs children of this generation listen to. Is the music industry that dry of ideas that they have resorted to the inclusion of sexual references and drug references in their most popular songs?

Are music videos on the verge of soft-core porn? If you have not have heard of the term ‘soft-core porn’, allow me to enlighten you. Soft-core pornography is commercial still photography or film, which has a pornographic or erotic component, but is less sexually explicit (as quoted from Wikipedia.com). Soft-core porn is what is apparent in the video ‘Booty’ and ‘Anaconda’, the premise that women or men are in a video or image with little clothing fits with the definition of Soft-core pornography. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexually explicit in nature, ‘twerking’ for instance is not a sexually explicit dance, however one could possibly assume that a bare buttock shaking rampantly across your screen may cause arousal, thus making it fit into the ‘soft-core porn genre’.

To conclude, I wouldn’t go as far to say that these people are artists, more like entertainers, which suggest that their sole purpose is not to express their art form but to gain the attention of an audience or listener. These ‘entertainers’ have thrown away the legacy that artists such as Biggie and Tupac laid down for them. This is a blatant insult to the emotionally riveting lyrics featured in Tupac and Biggie’s songs, artists used to rap about politics, inequality of races and problems in the world around them. Now it seems, that rap has reverted to meaningless lyrics, riddled with sexual innuendos and controversiality. Everything about Nikki Minaj and entertainers like her indicate an unintellectual castaway and it can be approved that they have no place in the music industry, bringing along their catastrophically convoluted style of music to the music industry whilst simultaneously managing to anger every single music lover in the world. I’m almost certain that ‘Anaconda’ is constantly played on repeat to terrorists in Guantanamo bay as a form of punishment. Just saying.


Erik Testagrossa



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